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AZ Trading based in Gauteng was established in 1994 when it entered the competitive market of Document Presentation, Security, Destruction, and Recycling.

AZ Trading focused from the beginning on the supply of quality products and continues to do so by adding further quality brands to its stable. The ongoing objective is sustainable growth through excellence, whilst serving the interests of its clients, shareholders and employees.

Opening branches in Cape Town and Durban have now enabled us to offer better support around the country.



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  • POPI Act Compliance
  • 05 Jun

Offences, Penalties and Administrative Fines

Sections 100 – 106 of the POPI Act deal with instances where parties would find themselves “guilty of an offense”. The . . .

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  • Qhama
  • 01 Jun

Sections Of The POPI Act Commenced

Sections of The Protection Of Personal Information Act Commenced The protection of personal information act, no 4 of 2013 promotes the . . .

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  • Schanelle Denton
  • 01 Jun

Roll Laminating

Is Roll Laminating the best solution for you? In this article I will share insights into the pros and cons of choosing this choice of type . . .

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  • Tanya Denton
  • 01 Jun

Protect Your Essential Documents With Laminating Equipment

Protect Your Essential Documents With Laminating Equipment Paper based documents undergo various chemical changes when exposed to the . . .

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