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Roll Laminating

  • Schanelle Denton
  • 01 Jun 2021

Is Roll Laminating the best solution for you?

In this article I will share insights into the pros and cons of choosing this choice of type of laminating solution. With all lamination solutions, Laminating documents not only offers protection and durability it also enhances the visual appeal.


Laminating Rolls


Roll laminating film is one of the most cost effective ways for products such as: 

*Menus *Book covers *Charts 

*Calendars *Posters *Catalogues

The roll laminator may be slightly more expensive than a regular pouch laminating machine, depending on the volumes being laminated. 

However the BIG savings come from:

*Faster production output

*Lower laminating material costs of laminating film rolls vs pouches.  

* More justifiable for medium to long term usage.

What is roll laminating film?

Quite simply laminating film is supplied in roll form rather than in pouch form.


How to Roll Laminate?

It requires one or two rolls of film – one for the top side of the print and one for the bottom side. 

Or only one roll if you choose to laminate one side of the print only.

The film is fed through roll laminating machines, heat and pressure is provided by the machine and the lamination process bonds the thermal plastic lamination film to the print and form a seal.

Things to think about when choosing your Laminating Rolls

Using the appropriate laminating film is important to ensure the desired end result is achieved. Consider the following key features, before you make your purchase.

*Film grade *Core size *Roll width *Film thickness (micron). 

Film grade

This is the composition of the film. 

It’s a good idea to always ask your AZ Trading representative if the lamination film you choose is compatible with your machine and will give you the desired end product.

Some tips for you include:


Standard matte or gloss laminating film will suffice for standard laminating jobs.

Digital Laminating Film is needed for digital print jobs to ensure proper bond adhesion.  

AZ Trading offers premium digital laminating film, ultrabond, Superstick, a full range of OPP thermal laminating films and PET thermal laminating films and standard digital film.

Core Size

This is the diameter of the core on which the film roll is wound. 

There are 3 standard core sizes: 




Tips to consider when deciding on the core size include:

  1. The Length of Film 
  2. The Film Grade
  3. The laminating Machine

Roll Width

This is simply how wide the roll of film is.

Simply consider the size of sheet you are laminating and within the parameters of the width that your laminating machine and ensure it all measures up. 

Film Thickness

The lamination roll thicknesses can vary and is measured in microns. 

A thick lamination film will offer a  more rigid and sturdy result.

Here are some examples to help you navigate your choice in choosing the thickness of your film.

  • Menus would be more suited to doubled sided lamination with a thicker micron. 
  • Book covers you could laminate one side and opt for a more luxurious texture and a slightly thinner micron. 
  • Always consider the aesthetic requirements when deciding on the micron of your laminating sheet. 

Tofo 1120 Roll Laminator

Be aware before purchasing your laminating film:

Choosing the incorrect laminating film may end up damaging your machine or risk poor quality laminated prints. 

To ensure you purchase the correct laminating film check:

*The specifications of your machine  

*The nature of the substrate which you intend to laminate and then choose a laminating film accordingly.

AZ Trading Sales team is more than happy to help you make the best choice for all your lamination needs, get in touch today 086 111 4407!

Tofo 380 Roll Laminator