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DSB CB230 Binder
DSB CB230 Binder

DSB CB230 Binder

DSB CB230 Binder – Office Plastic Comb Binder

Manual Punching
Punching Capacity: 20 sheets
Punches 2 Sheets of PVC 0.2mm cover at a time
Binding Capacity: 500 sheets

Extra Features:

Dual Binding: Plastic Combs and 4 hole punching
Binding Thickness: up to 51 mm Plastic Comb
Capable of Oversized Punching
Adjustable Edge Guide
2 Step Adjustable Margin Depth
Dual punching handle
Paper thickness guide helps user select comb width
Paper Format: A4 to 420mm
Dimensions (WxDxH): 440 x 480 x 180mm

Great machine for high volume or office use. Binds up to 500 pages or a 51mm comb. The modern design hides the strong insides giving the user a durable smart machine. This machine also offers dual punching, giving you more use for your machine. This model is used by more copy shops in South Africa than any other unit. For more details contact AZ Trading.