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KW-Trio 50LB Stapler
KW-Trio 50LB Stapler

KW-Trio 50LB Stapler

KW-Trio 50LB Stapler–  Heavy Duty Stapler

  • Sheet Capacity: 200
  • Throat Depth: 70mm
  • Staples: 23/6 to 23/23

Robust metal unit perfect for medium office size up. Easy to use unit allows the user to open the box and start using it without training. The simple design ensures low jamming probability, easy to load staples and increased productivity. With a 200 sheet capacity most jobs are completed in a single stapling cycle.

All KW-Trio units supplied by AZ Trading or one of our affiliated stationers, dealers or wholesalers carry a 1 year warranty. Contact AZ Trading for your closest supplier: 086 000 7468.