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MAMO COR 45 Creasing Machine
MAMO COR 45 Creasing Machine

MAMO COR 45 Creasing Machine

Mamo COR 45 Creasing Machine

Manual Creasing Machine
Max Paper thickness: 450gsm
Max Width: 450mm

Extra Features:

Front table size: 230x450mm
Back table size: 340x450mm
2 Side squares with measuring guides
Types: Creasing Unit
Fixed die creasing
Dimensions: 570x450x150 mm
Weight: 15kg

The Mamo range is made in France and built to last thanks to its steel structure. The simple two level guides allow faster creasing operation for book covers. Easy to use and reliable manual creasing machine. Excellent value for money, it creases perfectly also laminated materials.

The Mamo Perforating Machine is also available working on the same design and similar specs. Only major difference is the max thickness drops to 350gsm. For more details on the Mamo COR 45 Creasing Machine or the Mamo PER 45 Perforating Machine Contact AZ Trading.