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JBF 3850 Industrial Shredder
JBF 3850 Industrial Shredder

JBF 3850 Industrial Shredder

Industrial Shredder

Simple operation through electronic control
Reverse operation
Automatic Re-start
Emergency Stop
Infeed and exit conveyors, as well as additional units such as lifting and tilting unit, presses, press containers, suction devices, can be integrated into the complete plant layout and machine concept.


  • cds / dvds, computer hard drives and boards, carbon tapes
  • paper, cardboard
  • tin, plastic cans
  • wood, wooden boxes, pallets
  • domestic waste
  • metal and plastic chips
  • car/truck tires
  • glass
  • industrial waste
  • cables and electronic waste
  • plastic housings

The shown machine is equipped with additonal equipment.
Technical changes and colour variances reserved.

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