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Kobra AF +1 60 Shredder
Kobra AF +1 60 Shredder

Kobra AF +1 60 Shredder

Kobra AF +1 60 Shredder – Large Office Auto Feed Shredder
Max Sheets: 9-11
Auto Feed Capacity: 300
Bin Capacity: 60 Litre
Security Level: 4
Cross Cut: 3,5x40mm

Extra Details:

  • Safety stop
  • Auto Feed
  • Shreds: Credit cards, paper clips, staples
  • Dimensions: 39x36x83 cm
  • Made in Italy

Special Features:

  • Continuous Duty Shredding – chain gear system
  • Special Auto Oil system
  • Stronger motor for faster auto feed shredding than other machines on the market with the same specs.
  • Energy Smart System – Reduced power consumption/ Zero power use in standby mode.
  • Automatic Reverse System – Prevent paper jams
  • Carbon harden cutting knives
  • Forward and Reverse

Easy to use auto feeding shredder with a low noise level. The Kobra AF+1 60 Paper shredder fits under most standard desks, but can be placed along side a desk. The auto oiling system means reduced maintenance on the blades and no manual oiling. Perfect shredder for 8 to 12 users, under standard shredding requirements. Blue light indicates the machine is on or in standby mode. All Kobra shredders are made in Italy and carry a 1 year warranty on the machine with an extended guarantee on the cutting blades (Ask your AZ Trading Sales Rep for the exact period).